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“Flocking” the dash

To perfectly fit the TFT screens the frames needed to be glued in the dash at a correct leveled way.

Since kindergarten Dirk always makes a mess of gluing the wrong things together..(like his hands..)

We were convinced that this was the way to fix things for eternity but after a few hours we noticed that the product used was not suitable for the job. The next day the sticky product needed to be removed.

The next day father Denis did the same thing but this time with polyester and fiber carpets. It was a mess doing this but the result was ok. The frames were fixed.

The back side of the dash is not going to win a beauty contest but the visible front side looks nice !

The dash has been brought to the Netherlands to be “flocked”.

These are the pics as it is now. The “flocked” dash is expected at the end of next week.

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