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Throttle actuator …

We are not going to use an old fashion cable to command the accelerator pedal.​ This would not be in line with our philisophy to search for new challenges on an electronical level.

To be honoust there is also another (more important) reason. Being quite lazy, Dirk does not have the intention to make a move with his right foot to create a throttle blip on each downshift. For that reason we chose a drive by wire system. For once it was not home made but bought from DTA. We don’t have the time to invent this ourselves and it needs some serious testing. If the system does not work it might have nasty consequences and we don’t want to experience this.

The only thing we needed to alter were the sensors. We are still sticking to the good old P+G (Penny and Giles) sensors but we needed to add some signal conditioning to map the pedal sensor on the normally used Bosch sensors.
This could have been avoided by doing a custom calibration but this has an high NRE and we only need a few sensors. Therefore we decided to use a standard sensor and create a small print that will be added into the connector.
We are now developping a bracket for the actuator and an add-in for the Tilton peal box.

To be continued..

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