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Gear box supports

​Due to some wrong decisions in the beginning of the project , it causes some headache to keep the gearbox in its place.

We had welded 2 cylindric shaped tubes onto the body to keep the gear box in its place. Because we hadn’t decided yet which gearbox we were going to install it was almost impossible to define the final position.

At a temporary moment of insanity we decided to place them horizontally instead of vertically which was obviously so wrong…

Furthermore we complicated things due to the fact that we wanted adjustable supports to align the height of the drive shaft.

Eventually we succeeded but this is something we will definitively change but not at this moment because welding is not acceptable due to painting at this stage.

We machined some purple Powerflex bushes on a lathe to connect the gearbox and the supports in a way that the gear box remains in suspension but it is a very rigid construction.
Even Dirk thinks its overkill

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