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Shift shaft seal

​To keep a space smelling like a summer breeze or morning dew is child’s play, that is if you watch the TV adds. Ambi Pur and associates might do the trick and keep the cockpit of the R-Box fresh but spending an entire rally in a pine or lavender scent is a bit too much.
We’re in favor of keeping all smelly favors and pollution out of the car to begin with, minor detail is that we still have a gaping wound in the tunnel so that we’re able to stir the shift shaft sufficiently to find the right gear.
It doesn’t seem too complicated to keep it air, dust and waterproof. Yet, this silly little box has been driving us to the edge of insanity. Valium came to mind more than once.

Was it a moment of weakness, lack of space, it’s capricious shape or something else, I don’t know but after some crafts version 1 finally ended up in the bin.
The creation of version 2 took at least as much time but luckily it was usable. No spare room, definitely not the easiest to install but feasible and especially hermetically sealed.
Only the rubber stocking , previously belonging to an MKII Escort, is a bit oversized in outer diameter and is slightly rubbing against the top of the tunnel. So now we’re looking for a more fitting variant. The housing of the cable for the rear gear has also been a real challenge but we managed.

So eventually we got the job done but if we ever decide to start building a second body we need to think about all those things in the earliest stage possible.
You know what they say.. live and learn…

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