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Cables a Gogo..

​To be able to take out the engine quickly, not that we plan on doing that very often, we had grouped all electrical connections on one connector on the bulkhead.
Even though we had a good solid cable tree, there were too many changes to modify the existing one and we decided to start from scratch.
Where have we heard this before…

We had already professionally created and guided the male section throughout the cockpit a few months ago. Being eager to finally see some results it was time to start creating part 2. Despite the fact that we would use the same 41 pole military Souriau, be it a female version this time, it seemed that the soldering cups had shrunk over time.
Or maybe it’s old age playing tricks on our eyes…

After fooling around for an evening with lots of wire, soldering iron, magnifying glass and especially lots of light the connector was equipped with the necessary copper.
Because we will embed the connector in epoxy everything has to be measured thoroughly. Once embedded there’s no way back.
To make these controls we needed our team supervisor, who on that day happened to be wearing his own correction tools for his eye sight ;), seeing we’re all In the same age range we have to admit that deterioration started; nothing had shrunk.

Armed with glasses, magnifying glass, extra light and a multi meter we checked and double checked every connection and made sure there were no closures in contact with nearby pins.
After performing some magic tricks using some tape, mica foil and a pharmaceutical syringe we embedded the cable assembly for eternity in epoxy. At least the part where the wires are attached to the connector.

After the epoxy had settled for 2 days we repeated the control procedure and now we can assemble and finish the cable tree .
Critical step to have all sensors, coils, injectors.. communicate with the ECU

To be continued…

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