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Missing temperature info

​We are not nosy, but we like to get as much information from the car as possible so we installed some extra temperature sensors for the gear box oil and transmission fluid.

Seeing there were no connections in the existing hardware, we had to be inventive and created those ourselves.
For the gearbox we welded an aluminum “T” to put in the oil hose.
In the differential cover we replaced the speed sensor by a temperature sensor. There is no need for speed information because it’s always pedal to the metal 🙂 but we can always use our GPS module in road modus to avoid becoming a great donator to the judicial system…..

Because the two sensorcasing are only temporary and they are hiding underneath the car they can remain where they are for the time being.
Anodizing metal and welding afterwards are not very compatible
When there’s time to kill we’ll bring things in order so it will pass the R-Box quality standards.

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