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Control panel

​Because we still want to be able to control certain functions after being strapped in we’ve installed a little switchboard on the tunnel.
Nothing spectacular but we only need a few basics.

The start button was placed in front so we would definitely never turn off the engine by mistake, with our elbows :), while being at full speed. If there is a need to turn it off we have kills witches foreseen both left and right.
Also upfront we have the switch for the fire extinguisher , also safely protected to avoid unwanted actions by wannabee firefighters.

On the driver’s side we have the road and stage selections , this enables us for instance to save fuel by selecting different mapping during the road stages
The activation for launch control is also on the driver’s side.
Last but not least there’s an up and down button that allows the driver to navigate through the screens on the TFT.

To avoid jealousy ;), we’ve also installed an up and down button for the co-pilot but for the navigation screens off course.
Then finally there’s a switch to turn on all electrical activity without the need for the ignition being turned on and a light switch.

Because aluminum wasn’t the look we were going for we had someone design a sticker with all labels and symbols on it in a carbon look, which looked much nicer.
Luckily we now have pre-press know how on graphs in house because it was never our strong suit.
Nancy, thank you for your highly appreciated assistance with this.
Once the template was ready, Guy ( sign-A ) ran it through the printer and nicely customized our aluminum box with the result for you to see below. ….

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