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Sensing fire …

In the history books we learned that Thomas Johann Seebeck from Tallinn put some basics together to measure “hot“ temperatures.
It did sounds as a good idea to do the same to protect our S14 power plant.

We would like to have a comprehensive insight in the combustion process and have a second objective opinion to what our broadband lambda sensor tries to tell us.

We need something that is more focused on the individual digestion in the cylinders.
A good way to do that is to measure the 4 exhaust gas temperatures.

We use type K thermocouples (Chromel and Alumel) relatively close to the exhaust valves, to collected the temperatures in each cylinder.

Our goal is not to use this data as an active feedback loop for the ECU but we want to be able to intervene if necessary to prevent engine damage.

Because we selected a “ruggedized” version of thermocouples with a beautiful stainless steel jacket, the cabling was not so simple, read quiet painless.
Currently I have about 3478 holes in my fingers of unruly viciously sharp inox hairs that continuously try to point out the wrong direction.

But nevertheless, all connectors neatly fixed to this nasty wires.

Another item we can remove from our todo list.​

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