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Interior works …

We agree, you still can’t find a lot of colour in the compartment. The right time to bring our decorator skills in.
To start we have our full red floor plates, even some of us preferred to see natural stone compared to anodized Aluminum, most likely due to occupational malformation.
But with weight in mind for sure the ALU is the better choice.

Except a few minor issues, who always take much more time then expected, everything seems to fit seamlessly. It also feels quite solid.
At once the starting shot to test our Cobra seats, which is a bit scary since they is not so much room left due to this lateral head protection.
After some trail and error adjustments we found a satisfying position for as well driver and co- driver.

One small stupid issue we didn’t think about : We’ve made a black anodized alu frame at the backseat location to store our helmets, but it looks like there is no way to move a helmet to the back.
All is blocked by the roll cage.​

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