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Visit to Intrax …

We had informed Henk and Niek already a few times that we planned to come for the final setup but only now the car is at the right condition to point all wheels in the right direction.
Target for the day is fixing the driving height, compensate the bumpsteer and find some basic setting for toe, caster and camber.

We started with the height. Soon we discovered that we need to lower our car approx. 55mm at the back. Unfortunately this resulted in a complete disassemble of the shocks.
Because we recently changed to a bigger fueltank (75L) and this weight is mainly sitting on the rear axle we alsa have decided to mount stiffer springs.
Additionally we have some extra pounds due to the 210 diff which is significantly heavier compared to the original 188 one.
Once we fixed the ride height we could start measuring the bumpsteer. This time we were lucky. It was spot on from the first time, so are milled alu spacers could be moved to the box “spare parts”

Time to tackle the camber/caster settings. We have chosen for significant caster (12 degrees) although this is not unusual for an E30.
Camber is slightly negative and we will start with a little toe in to make sure we have enough high speed stability
For sure we need to fine tune, but that will become clear after the first tests.
In all circumstances the car looks much better then before.

Super thanks to the whole Intrax team for the support !!

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