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Switch panel get’s update …

We can hardly count the stuff we had to re-do because we were not happy with the result.
The switch panel in the middle of the car is again a good example.

In a late phase we discovered we needed 2 extra switches on the panel, one for the EPS and the other one for the launch control setting.

Because we were a bit reluctant to change the switch panel we choose to put them on the plastic steering cover. (almost same location as a normally placed ignition switch in a normal car)

Very occasionally we do stupid things šŸ™‚ When buckled up in the safety belts it’s not possible to reach this switches. So no other solution than to re-make the switch panel.
So Nancy had to design a new sticker, we had to bother Guy again to print it, but finally it is on the right location and we are happy with the result.

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