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What did we learn today ? …

1 : write everything down.
2 : keep your notes somewhere available.
3 : labels could simplify a lot.

It’s far from our normal habit not to label anything, even not updating a wiring scheme is extremely rare. But in this case we managed to create a mystery in the wiring.

We discovered 2 loose ends of wire which we could not remember why we put in. They were also not related to each other. Even after several hours of exploring we did not got any closer to an explanation.
Time to bet for a joker !

We know already for a while that it’s not really a comfortable car, even when it’s not driven.
Maybe it’s due to the fact that most R-Box members do not have the “right” anatomy to fit in those tight places. Luckily we still have Nancy to help us out.

And yes, it’s proven, women are just better in this kind of jobs, finding back what got lost, even if it’s a wire.
After some female investigation the mystery was clarified šŸ™‚

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