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New TPS and pedal sensors …

In the past we already had a small conflict with P+G due to their flexibility and interest in small customers like us.

Of course they will not care but we changed all P+G sensors to Variohm, a supplier we already used for all our pressure and speed sensors.

In Birmingham this year Variohm introduced their new Euro XPD serie who are 100% form compatible with P+G.

More than reasons enough to change. The biggest advantage is that they are custom programmable for almost no additional cost. So we don’t need our mechanical workaround anymore to match the angle positions to avoid the 1K euro NRE at P+G. Sensor can now be mounted directly on the Jenvey actuator.

Same story for the pedal sensor, no electronics anymore to add to match the signals.
Bottom line we are very happy with this solution.

Some pics.

Enkele plaatjes van de montage.

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