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LED lamps updated …

Sometimes being quick is not always beneficial.

Everyone knows we like new technologies. That’s also the reason we choose LED instead of the traditional Halogen or Xenon.

Initially we bought Lazer’s double boomer system with 4 ST-8 units. Far from a bad choice that time. Unfortunattely a few months later they introduces a new series with optics that performs even much better. It was a bit sour since it was introduced quite fast after the ST series.

Since we have a quite good contact with the supplier we knew more was to come but the E-mark was delaying the process a lot. So we decided to wait for Triple R-1000 Competition once it passed certification.

This is now and to be honest it’s a huge difference. We kept the double boomer setup and use the 2 ST-8 for short distance (wide angle).
There was a small modification needed to mount the Triple -R on the boomer because they have a different shape and size compared to the ST-8.

We are extremely excited to test them in a real rally, but we are already impressed by the amount of light produced when we tested them in the dark.

To be continued …

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