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Update 2017 …

It has been a while … nevertheless we did not spend the last few months in a sunny holiday resort but we continued to work like crazy on a project other than the BMW.

Due to some extremely painful consecutive circumstances all fun was gone and it was time to put the BMW aside for a while…

For those that have followed here, they know that the initial plan was to re-design our TFT boards.
A task that has progresses quite well so far. Nevertheless I recently decided to put this re-design on hold. There is only 1 very simple reason. Cost and time.

Redesigning and re-producing a complex 10 layer board that has significant changes is never without risk and will take a substantial amount of time to bring it fully to life.
In reality this means no driving before summertime.

This is really no option anymore. We invested so much time and money that now time has come to enjoy and relax.
This is the only fact that pushed us to a commercial available dash system.

After a very decent screening there were only 2 manufacturers left in the running. AiM and MoTEC. And the winner is … AiM. Both are very decent products, the only reason why we selected AiM is based on relations, not on specs, quality or any other technical aspect.

It won’t be a plug and play installations since a lot of the wiring needs to be changed inside but it will be by far the best chance to be fully operational soon.

While we were at the Birmingham fair Thursday and Friday all the goods were received so for sure we know what to do the next coming weekends.

It’s doubtful that later on we will pick up the thread again. Recently there are so many suppliers popping up with similar dash products that it probably makes no sense to build our own again. The only downside is that we are not in control of the software anymore but sometimes you have to accept some compromises in life.

For the time being there is only 1 goal left for us, one with ultra high priority and that’s doing stage km’s as soon as possible !!

To be continued …

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