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The gear lever and other controls …

As mentioned before, we weren’t really blown away by the original Sadev shift mechanism. The shifter itself is okay, but the suspension bracket is not a high flyer in terms of design and aesthetics.

Again time for Luc to showcase his MDF capabilities. Because we have to be very careful with our budget, we cannot afford to have to make something again 3 times. Hence the models in wood.

We tried to integrate the whole with the handbrake, the brake balance regulator and the brake pressure limiter.

For the milling work we have to thank again the Technical Institute Sint Paulus in Mol.

Because this piece consists almost exclusively of 10mm thick AL7075 plate, we also did a test to cut it by water and we provided the holes in our own workshop, which was again a time-consuming activity with our fully manually operated turning and milling combination.

We are satisfied with the result. Everything is perfectly within reach, but we have to shorten the handbrake lever a bit and provide it with an aesthetically pleasing handle.

A little further back on the tunnel box we have folded an aluminum tray on which we put the critical switches at the front (start / stop, launch control and map sellect switch). Blindly accessible just next to the seat. A little more to the back are the switches for the fire extinguishing system. In principle, we could have made the aluminum tray a bit smaller, but now we still have some space left to put some things away such as the pressure sensor of the rear brakes.

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