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My new office …

After years of thinking, creating , testing,… I can’t wait to change my keyboard for the steering wheel.

At least my new office looks quiet nice an I am pretty confident we will have a lot of fun here.

“Let the beast go !!”

All hope was gone …

The more we made progress with the interior, it became clear that putting our helmets in the back will become a huge challenge.

The side protection on the Cobra seats together with the roll-cage blocks almost the complete access to the back.

Nevertheless, there is a way to do it, but it’s not easy and we have to practice a lot !

New TPS and pedal sensors …

In the past we already had a small conflict with P+G due to their flexibility and interest in small customers like us.

Of course they will not care but we changed all P+G sensors to Variohm, a supplier we already used for all our pressure and speed sensors.

Switch panel get’s update …

We can hardly count the stuff we had to re-do because we were not happy with the result.
The switch panel in the middle of the car is again a good example.

In a late phase we discovered we needed 2 extra switches on the panel, one for the EPS and the other one for the launch control setting.

Dash finally ready …

Despite we struggled seriously with our design tool we have decided to build in the displays. We are quite confident about the HW so we are going to take the risk.

We expect to receive a workaround for the tool next week so best case we only have to rebuild the SW and update the update the TFT’s.

Fingers crossed !!‚Äč

New drop-links in the front …

Since we bought an US brand adjustable sway bar (Ireland Engineering) all rod ends were imperial threads. Because it’s much more complicated to find here we had foreseen to re-make them in metrical.

So the new one has M10 threads and because the looks are important too, we had them blue anodised.