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PWR-Boxes goes into production …

Since quite a long time we just used one PWR-Box to develop the SW.​

We need 4 of them in the car and because everythings starts working well it’s time to startup a small production.

Unfortunately it’s a lot of hand work (read time consuming) but it is what it is.

We plan to have a few spare for the case Murphy is looking around the corner 🙂

Debug moments …

We could easily understand that some of you start questioning why we don’t use the standard AIM, Stack or any other brand for the dash.

Sure, we would have saved a lot of time and cursing.

But the answer in fact is very simple : it’s much more fun, much more original and it gives us nearly infinite flexibility.

More over it fit’s perfectly the goals of R-Box, we want to be unique and innovative, even if it cost us an enormous amount of time and dedication.

STOP !! In the name of …

A very long time ago, when we selected our brakes, we thought it was smart not to make life more complicated then needed by adding an additional unknown variable using exotic brake pads.

Therefor we had chosen blue Pagids, a very safe conservative choice.

A bit comparable with an ordinary grey mouse. But grey mouses do not fit very well with our conceptions and goals.

So we switched to Japanese technology by using Endless brake pads.

Hopefully we can count on endless brake power when in trouble 🙂

3 times in a row …

What initially looked as an easy task, order 6 additional rims, turned out to be a nightmare.

Some time ago Compomotive was again in a bad shape. Nothing was produced anymore so also no MO5’s available. Almost a year ago they restarted and took the MO5 rim again in production but unfortunately with a slightly different mold.

Exhaust vicissitudes …

We don’t want to tell you anymore how many hours we have spent on the exhaust. Every time something popped up that didn’t make us feel good.
It was the distance to the ground, or it was too complex to service,…So plenty of reasons to redesign again the complete system.

Interior works …

We agree, you still can’t find a lot of colour in the compartment. The right time to bring our decorator skills in.
To start we have our full red floor plates, even some of us preferred to see natural stone compared to anodized Aluminum, most likely due to occupational malformation.
But with weight in mind for sure the ALU is the better choice.

Visit to Intrax …

We had informed Henk and Niek already a few times that we planned to come for the final setup but only now the car is at the right condition to point all wheels in the right direction.
Target for the day is fixing the driving height, compensate the bumpsteer and find some basic setting for toe, caster and camber.

Dash electronics update …

Looking to the status of the car reminds us that the time is right to make some progress with the dashboard. The TFT proto, which we mainly used to develop code , is already operational since a long time.
Unfortunately, the remaining PCB’s are untouched.